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Quality Windows Renovated for Every Home with Bespoke Designs

Quality windows are an important component of every home. At OMILIAN Window Renovation, we will renovate or replace to ensure that the home is elegant inside and out.
About our Company
At OMILIAN Window Renovation, we believe every home should look its very best. This is why we have been offering window renovations for as long as we have. Throughout the years, we have added to our services, and have skilled professionals to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest quality.

We love working on windows and believe it is important for the windows to not only be sturdy and weather proofed, but also beautiful. The windows of a home is what helps to make it cosy on the inside and elegant on the outside.

Our services range dramatically based upon what the homeowner wants. We offer complete window replacements and can renovate and upgrade the existing ones. We take the time to look at the windows that exist and make recommendations.

In the end, it is the decision of every homeowner as to what is done and what the finished product looks like.
What we do
Our services are individualised for the homeowner to ensure that you are able to get exactly what you want for your home.
We are happy to make recommendations on the services and will always go above and beyond to provide you with quality window renovations.
Renovation and upgrade of existing windows
Complete windows replacement
Double glazing
Draught proofing and secondary glazing
Wooden sash and casement windows
Repair and maintenace
We provide complete solution for your windows renovation.
Why choose Omilian?
Our reputation is strong
throughout the UK when it comes to providing high quality window renovations.
We provide a 100% satisfaction
guarantee to all of our clients to ensure they enjoy peace of mind when choosing us.
Our skilled team is able to
work with various designs, including Georgian, Victorian, Critall, and Edwardian.
We are mindful of all
deadlines and work as hard as we can to finish on or before the time that we have agreed upon.
In-home consultations
are always provided to ensure that we are able to see the windows and make expert recommendations.
We offer competitive
pricing to ensure that window renovations are never more than they have to be.