Full window restorations
Full window restorations are needed sometimes to ensure you get the look that you want. Homes throughout the UK can be decades and even centuries old and that can lead to a lot of problems.

The windows may not look as aesthetically pleasing as you want them to be and you may need some help with the overall weather proofing.

We’re happy to provide the restorations so that they fit with the original style of the home while providing you with some of the modern techniques now found in window manufacturing, including double glazing, higher levels of draught proofing, and much more.
The restorations will allow you to be happier with the overall aesthetics and the designs can last many years so you can simply sit back and enjoy the view.

Learn more about our full window restorations today by calling to book an in-home consultation with us at OMILIAN Window Renovation.
Secondary glazing for sash windows
Secondary glazing for sash windows in the UK is very popular. It is not only cost effective, but also allows you to insulate and sound proof the windows. This can help to save money on your heating bills, especially during the winter months when temperatures can drop significantly.

If you have noisy neighbours, you can block a lot of the sound they make with the secondary glazing.
It is made from strong, and lightweight materials and is very discreet. If you have been searching for a way to add an extra layer of protection to your windows, this is the best way to do it.
Our skilled professionals at OMILIAN Window Renovation will ensure that the double glazing is done properly so you can enjoy the aesthetics when the project is complete.

Are you ready to learn more about secondary glazing for sash windows? Call us today to learn more about how we can help. We will provide you with a no obligation consultation as well as a free quote.
Double glazing into old windows fitted
Double glazing old windows can make a lot of sense for many reasons. When you call us at OMILIAN Window Renovation for window renovations, we may suggest the practice of double glazing because it will increase thermal insulation and cut down on the noise from the outside world.

This is a practice that can be done on your existing windows, which cuts down on the costs as well because your windows are still be utilized.
There are many benefits to explore with double glazing. You can enjoy the energy efficiency of this.
You will notice that you may not have to run your central heating or furnace for as long during the winter months and this can save you on heating costs. A custom installation is also provided so you can ensure that it works within the window design that you already have in place.

There is a significant amount of value with this service and we can provide a quote to you in just a few minutes. This will make it easier to know what the costs are going to be so it can be added to your budget when you wish to renovate your home in full or in part.
New single or double glazed timber sash
Your windows may be old and beyond repair. We offer new timber sash windows that can be single or double glazed. Our professionals will provide you with an in home consultation to discuss the options and show you the differences between single and double glazing.

We can also provide the timber frames in various softwood and hardwood options, providing colour and quality options. Much of it will depend on the aesthetics you wish to achieve.

There are many cords and weight mechanisms when you choose timber sash windows. All of this will be covered during the consultation so you can learn about the options that are available to you.
We will go over each option, one by one, so you can be sure you have a well-functioning and gorgeous window by the end of installation.

Whether you choose single or double glazed windows, the modern technology provides draught resistance and will cut down on the noise, so you will hear less from your neighbours. Call today and learn more about our timber sash window installation.
Sash cord replacement
One of the most common problems within sash windows is that the cords become broken. We are happy to provide a sash cord replacement if your windows are constantly falling shut. It won’t take long for our window experts to change the sash cord. The window will be taken out carefully so we can access the weights.

During the sash cord replacement, we will look at the signs of wear and tear. This will allow us to make recommendations on other aspects of your window, such as glazing or even full window replacement. If it is in good condition, we can simply replace the sash cords for the interior or exterior of the window.
Our goal is to make your windows look beautiful and function properly. If your windows are always falling shut, call us to learn more about a sash cord replacement service. It is an affordable service that can be provided quickly.
Hardwood window seals
Window seals are of the utmost importance in the UK. When you need new hardwood window seals, you don’t want to delay. The seals will help to keep the cool temperatures outside where they belong. This will ensure you are not running your heat any longer than what is absolutely necessary.

Depending upon the material of your window and where it is located, we use various materials for the window seals. This will help to establish the best possible seal and ensure that it is not going to fall apart easily. The seals can keep moisture and cold air out so that your windows remain in better condition for longer.
Our window experts will be able to inspect your windows and make recommendations. Call to schedule time for us to come out and look at your windows today. We can then provide a free, no obligation quote so you know what the cost will be for hardwood window seals.
We’re happy to provide ironmongery at OMILIAN Window Renovation. This can include a significant amount of bespoke iron designs around your windows as well as various other parts of your home. You may want to add to the overall aesthetics of your home and this can include custom iron bars over the windows, new hinges for shutters, or some other kind of iron work.
Learn more about the services we offer within ironmongery so you can add to the beauty of your home with something bespoke. Set your home apart from the homes of your neighbours and let us help.
Painting & Decorating
No remodel or restoration is complete without painting and decorating. At OMILIAN Window Renovation, we provide more than just window renovations. We are able to provide painting and decorating around the windows. We will take into consideration the design of your windows and use this to add that extra touch within your home. Adding in bright colours can also add sophistication and personality to any room.
We will provide you with an in-home consultation to discuss the various elements and make recommendations.